OMAHA        by Kevin O'Kane

"Omaha is a technological thriller sure to please." W.M. Buhle, Midwest Book Review
"Along the lines of Douglas Coupland, a mastermind amongst the techy fiction books, Omaha Dave injects you into an acronym filled world of some rich computer geeks." Jacob G.
"Nice transitions from the online world, to the real (criminal) world. I will dream of owning a club like Mo'Run. Well done." W.B.
"I just finished reading Omaha on my iPod. I enjoyed it. It was a real "pageturner". And it was fun with all the Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri references. I wish there was a nightclub like Mo Run in Omaha. Good Luck on your next book!" Guy M.
"Brilliant. Utterly amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this and look forward to reading more from Kevin O'Kane." Karen S.
"Wow! Good read ... it starts out fast, and speeds up. ... I recommend this, and I'm looking forward to the sequal, Nuclear of Omaha." Mike H.
"Now this is exactly the kind of book I have been searching for. I love tech and this book is all about tech. ... Great story of how gadgets can be used for the greater good, like fighting drug lords. The geeks are always one step ahead of the bad guys. Crime fighting, mystery, humor, this book has it all." Leon B.

An Orwellian thriller about a band of mild mannered computer geeks who are lords of an unseen electronic empire.

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